About Us

Dino Astri Surveying Ltd

Dino Astri has been an OLS since 1988, having opened his own practice in 1998 and incorporating Dino Astri Surveying Ltd. in November 2004. Dino has certified 6000+ plans and registered 10000+ lots since becoming an OLS. Dino Astri maintains a “hands on” involvement with all aspects of all projects. This insures that all projects, large or small, are completed on time and on budget. Dino Astri Surveying Ltd. services are focused on large scale commercial/residential/resort development and also include topographic surveys, Surveyor’s Real Property Reports, residential, commercial, industrial & infrastructure construction layout, Crown Lands Plans, Unit Area Certificates, Municipal As Built surveys and Underground Services Locating.
We have one office centrally located at 661 Welham Road in the City of Barrie. Our work extends geographically from Huntsville to the City of Toronto and from Acton to Trenton. The field equipment used includes Total Stations, Robotic Total Stations and GPS. The equipment and software is all state of the art, but the most important aspect of our firm is our staff. We pride ourselves on having excellent staff that has the experience and ability to tackle any task with courtesy, speed and accuracy.