Dino Astri Surveying Ltd.

Surveyor’s Real Property Reports

Legal survey for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties. Used primarily for mortgage or sale purposes. The plan will illustrate the parcel limits, survey monuments found or planted, location of all buildings, fences, swimming pools or other structures located on or close to the property boundaries. The plan will also identify any easements, right of ways or other encumbrances that may affect the parcel.

Topographic Survey

Survey showing elevations, servicing hardware, vegetation, constructed features and any other natural or man made features located on or near the parcel of land. This type of survey is used for engineering design for site plan purposes for Residential, Commercial or Industrial developments. It may also be used for Utility or Road Construction or for Land Use purposes.

Reference Plans

Plan deposited on title at the Registry Office. The plan is used for severance purposes, to define easements or to describe a parcel of land.

Land Titles First Application Plans

Reference plan deposited at the Registry Office required prior to development of land by Plan of Subdivision of Plan of Condominium.

Plan of Subdivision

Plan used to subdivide land into smaller parcels.

Plan of Condominium

Plan used to facilitate the Registration of a Condominium Corporation.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Infrastructure Construction layout

No project is too large or too small. We pride ourselves on providing timely, accurate construction layout for any type of client and to our client’s specifications.

GPS Vertical or Horizontal Control

Utilized to more cost effectively complete a project. GPS uses satellite technology to more effectively gather information on a site or to lay out points required on a site.

Site Grading Plans

Required for obtaining a building permit for residential construction.

Other Services

Crown Lands Plans

Reference plan used for transfer of land from the Crown to another party.

Unit Area Certificates

Certifies the area of Commercial or Industrial rented/leased space.